Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What Really Happened at Virginia Tech and Who Pulled the Trigger

What the heck is going on?!? Why are our young people murdering our young people? What are our young people trying to tell us that we cannot hear? Who Really pulled the trigger?

Yes these are questions that we are all pondering because these crimes are, unlike what Gonzales and Bush claim, on the rise and they are going to happen more and more.

You want to know who really pulled the trigger? You're not going to like it but if you are over thirty five years of age, then it was YOU . . . and it was me. Maybe we had no control over the situation but we haven't done a damn thing about it since either.

Oh, this didn't happen overnight; it was slow in coming but it is finally here and the revolution is on. NO NO, not that revolution but the one our children are waging.

See something happened 25 years ago . . . and we let it happen. We LET the government MAKE the school system REMOVE and EXCLUDE art from the classroom and it hasn't been the same since. Yes they took prayer out too, but that's another cause and another case in point.

This decision has been so detrimental and yet so undetectable but like a slow eating cancer, it is now rearing its ugly head!! But most Americans are unaware that it is the true cause of the tragedies now being perpetrated on the public; on our kids.

But you better WAKE UP America, because it is now IN YOUR FACE! And mine too.

And it sickens me to death that our kids are living and reliving horror in real life.

It is not supposed to be this way but when Art was taken away 25 years ago, all hell was breaking loose and now the writing is on the wall.

Well, the government continues to come up with EXCUSES, as well as throwing bull crap solutions around like, "more GUN control" and "more awareness on how to take care of yourself". This is dribble at best and nothing the government is saying is going to help.

When are we, as parents, grandparents and as Americans going to stand up, hold our government accountable and then take matters into our own hands?? When??

Now you might say, "ART?? What's that got to do with anything?" Well my fellow Americans and parents . . . EVERYTHING.

Statistically, over the past 25 years, teen suicides have tripled; more children are suffering depression, anxieties and traumatic syndromes and even the "National Institute of Mental Health" NIMH for short, admits that we have a problem because they now recommend, and I quote, "[We must] offer art and play therapy for children." DUH!!

Now what is art? It is a vague term or concept for most people but to me it is . . .

...The expression of one's innermost feelings and thoughts brought out in some form that is beautifully unique, and that can be shared with others.

That's how I see art whether it is a painting, a song, sculpture, dance; it is the true expression of your innermost feeling and without art, a child can no longer express themselves creatively and therefore HOLDS things IN!

Our children have been telling us all along but we haven't listened and emotionally whatever they are feeling must come out and it's going to come out of a guitar or paintbrush, paper and crayons or it will be unleashed in a hail of gunfire or a brutal beating in the park, as in Virginia Tech or when those teenagers brutally beat a homeless person to death . . . for fun!

Art is essential to us as evolving human beings and is a major part in a developing child's psyche and well being. Without that they cannot express fully what they feel or desire.

A two year old cannot articulate what he or she is feeling but give them a box of crayons and a piece of paper and only an idiot couldn't tell what he or she is trying to emote. One has only but to look and you would know. Every parent knows what I am saying . . .

Art is what separates us from all the lower forms on earth. You don't see dogs and cats drawing pictures in the ground to tell us how they feel. Art, the emotional release and depictions of our innermost thoughts, our cultural tie to one another has been taken away. And the our kids are PISSED OFF!!

I have a solution to the problem and if Americans and government, because they are two different entities, will listen, we will start to curb this and totally turn it all around.

I have committed my life and it is my life's purpose to bring art BACK to the children.

I have created a non profit organization called the, "United Arts Movement International" and the sole purpose is to create art centers or institutes where children can be infused and inundated with art in all it's forms and variations. An institute or center where a child can once again express themselves emotionally, spiritually and without any boundaries through an art medium.

And the best part is that IT IS FREE! Free for the child, free for the parent and with no restriction or criteria except for someone wanting to learn through art; to learn how to express their inner emotions in positive ways.

I will pick up the tab through donations and fundraising. That will be my job so that a child and a child's parent never has to worry about whether they have to pay to get their child in. All races, all backgrounds, all are welcome.

I want us the parents to make sure we do not rob our children of emotional expression any longer because I have the solution. I will put one in every county, large or small town, inner city all across the nation.

I ask the Oprah's, Gate's, Rockefeller's, Carnegie's, Buffet's and all that can to DONATE MONIES helping me with this mission, life purpose, obsession if you will to nurture our children back to health, to infuse them with art so that they can express their emotions in a safe and non violent way.

My Centers will show our children that we love them, that it isn't all about Excel, excel, excel, and high grade point averages and homework, homework and all the pushing we have done to our kids.

They are telling us to let them be kids again. Let them draw, paint, play weird ass guitar. Let them write a song of angst as opposed to shooting and murdering our kids, their contemporaries.

This is madness but my solution is the real solution and not gun control, or more stupid laws that will only make things worse.

I invite any and all media to interview me, to invite me on their radio programs and TV programs. Help me get the message out. Let an American and a parent to do something about this problem, someone with a solution, instead of letting our government keep killing us, slowly like a cancer.

Larry King, put me on your show . . . Oprah, hear me and feel me and let me talk to your audience. Let me talk to the parents and let me do what God wants me to do and be, and that is to bring the arts back to our children.

This is the SECRET in motion. This is my mission . . .

I am a single dad who raised his children on his own. I did it artfully and they are the best. I'll do the same for your kids too, I promise.

For more information call Jorge at: 530-241-2330 or send me an email at: jorge@uami.org

I am finishing up my website now so you can see and read more information on what my organization is doing. It resides at


I'm starting in Redding, California, a small town but I'll finish in New York by the time I am done.

Thank you. More to come . . .

Peace and Love,


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