Friday, May 4, 2007

United Arts Movement International

I suppose you're wondering what is the United Arts Movement International. It is my non profit organization with the mission to build enrichment centers where all children are welcome to explore, develop and nurture artistic tendencies.

This is important because by developing their artistic tendencies I find that children are better balanced and also are more equipped to handle societal pressures. With and through artistic enrichment, a child can express and release emotionally reducing negative and explosive behaviors.

How do I know and who am I? I know because I was there and also because I work with kids who have this emotional and explosive behavior. I recognize the tendency to want to pick up a gun and blow everything away when feelings of inadequacy, low self esteem and fear of the unknown eat away at your psyche.

For most of my teenage and young adult life I had struggled with these feelings even though I had accomplished and triumphed in so many ways; but it was never good enough or just never enough.

In order to maintain my spiritual self as well as my physical and emotional well being, I used art as the means to "unload" and not take out those tendencies on the world at large.

It hasn't always been easy but my savior has been taking action, being involved with and totally immersing myself with art in some form or another. Nowadays the rage is no longer with me and I have come to terms with those aspects of my life.

Now, and at this stage of my life, I am now directed and dedicated in bringing this insight, experience and techniques to our younger generations so they don't have to struggle with it like I and so many others have.

And unfortunately, those young men of Columbine and at Virginia Tech didn't have or get that opportunity to express themselves in a more positive manner and instead took that rage and followed through with death and destruction.

Artistic immersion and infusion is what all people who become involved in my centers will experience and isn't it better for your child to attend my centers than you having to deconstruct who they are at your local psychiatrists office at $350 an hour?

Oh, and did I mention that my centers will be free to those that participate; the student and her parent? No cost and all on my dime. Now how's that for getting things done?

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