Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Merry Christmas Story for YOU


Well, here we are at the end of the year. I don't know about you but I am ready for this year to be over.

The thing with that sentiment is that there is no such thing as one year to the the next except our PERCEPTION of what a year really is.

You see, you're going to carry whatever you have been feeling, thinking, expecting and manifesting into the “new year” if you don't change the way you are today.

And that is reality; all we have is TODAY and that is what matters which is how YOU are today
at this moment.

If you don't change the way you are at this very moment, 2009 won't be any different than this year, or any other time in your life.


So how different DO YOU want 2009 and the following years to be as opposed to how it is RIGHT NOW?

Ask yourself these questions and be honest with yourself. What DO I want for myself? How do I want MY LIFE to change and be from now on?

When you ask yourself these questions and are honest with your answers then you are going to come up with scenarios of how you see your life being.

For example, there was a time that I was on welfare. I was a single father with full custody of my children and I was tired of my monetary AND my living situation. I wanted more for my children and me and I was sick of being on county aid.

One morning I woke up having a breakdown. I went into the other room where my kids couldn't
see me and I bawled my eyes out and I just couldn't stop.

I found myself saying, “I can't go on living like this! I don't want this anymore!” Long story short, my mom suggested I call Unity Church and talk with them. I thought, “yeah right; like they can do something.”


I called the toll free number and I couldn't get through. I had given up calling when my mom kept pleading with me to call them. Finally I called the regular number and someone picked up. Wouldn't you know it . . .

I immediately started telling this person how my life sucked and how I didn't want the situation like it was anymore. The person asked me the most profound question and that was, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

You see, that is a direct question that has no gray area. I proceeded to tell this person that I wanted off welfare and that I wanted a really good job so I could have more and to give my children more than what they had.

So this person from Unity, almost rudely, said “OK; we'll pray for you for the next thirty days.” and just hung up. I thought, well, you don't want to know exactly what I thought but it wasn't nice, but I accepted it.

Two weeks later I got a job working at an elementary school part time, and a couple of weeks after that I got a full time job at a concert lighting company that paid a great salary with benefits for me and my kids.

I learned two things here; by focusing on what I truly wanted I got it almost immediately and I also learned that my children had all they needed already; a home, food, clothing and their dad with them giving them lots of love.


With crystal clear focus, asking and BELIEVING, I received exactly what I needed and wanted. But I also realized I needed to be grateful for what I already had; that my children never wanted for the things in life that are important even though I wanted more for them and I struggled for them to have it.

You have to know what you want different in your life so you can manifest it exactly as you see it. If you're too general, you will change nothing!

Also you must have an attitude of gratitude to manifest what you want as well. You should look
at what you already have and be grateful for those things that are important in you life RIGHT


So are you ready to make changes TODAY so that 2009 becomes the banner year for you? I know you understand what I mean in this email but you need to know EXACT TECHNIQUES on how to bring those changes about within yourself.

Look, I totally believe that everybody has greatness within them and that includes YOU! It may be squelched right now, but let me put it this way: You have within you the genius to achieve all of your goals, including:

1. Complete financial security.
2. Loving relationships with your significant other, friends and family.
3. Robust health, so that you can do what you really want to do.
4. A spiritual connection to the universe.

Just for a minute, block out all of the negativity being thrown at you right now, and imagine all of that abundance in your life...

Are you with me so far? OK, now if you can create that mental vision of true wealth for yourself... and actually put yourself inside it, so that you can touch, taste, smell, and feel what it's like to live your own life of abundance... then you are more than halfway to achieving it.

If you are able to do that, and truly believe it, you may qualify for an exciting new program I've
created for you. So . . .

Watch for my post in the near future for more information.


So this Holiday Season, be thankful for your boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, mother/father,
grandma/grandpa, son/daughter, and old friend/new friends. Oh, and pets too!

Spend time with them and enjoy the spirit of giving so that you receive in abundance.

You have no control over gas prices or what wall street does or who gets bailed out from what.
But you do have control over how you feel about what you have in your life before it gets all used up and goes away.

Remember that it isn't the amount of gifts one gives or receives but the amount of love one gives and receives and the gratitude you feel that matters.

Blessings of abundance, peace and love. I love you. Merry Christmas and a very Happy and GREAT New Year!


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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Shift is NOW and Through Our Children We...


NO MORE WAR! PEACE ON EARTH is the battle cry of this group and UAMI's. Everybody here wishes to, wants to or will do something about it. Before I tell you what I'm personally doing, although many of you reading this are friends and already know, watch this video as it addresses the subject of peace on earth and the responsibility we have to make it so.


As you know I created a non profit called United Arts Movement International, which is all about helping our young people express their emotions in a positive way and by using the language of art. We continually make this happen but I need your help and I'll tell you how in a moment.

Since art was removed from our school systems as part of the curriculum 27 or so years ago, simultaneously suicides, violence and depression amongst our teens rose dramatically and in the case of suicides, three times as much than before. I don't see this as a coincidence; they don't exist. No my friends, this is a direct result of that action.

Our decision becomes clear and the question then is "How can I effect change or help an organization that is already doing something so, in effect, I am too?" We can ALL do something as individuals and individually and by changing something negative within yourself, you effect that change.

I need you now, more than ever . . .

I need your help my friends. I need you to make a donation to United Arts movement International to help me with this cause. Your donation will directly impact our young people's lives by teaching them the skills they need to express emotions in a manner that is positive; by showing them the skills to manifest positive outcomes to negative conditions and/or feelings they experience daily.

My mission is to teach them this so to stem the tide of incidents like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Illinois and the Utah massacres that happen daily but is swept under the carpet sending the message that we just don't care. I know that is not true and YOU know it isn't true.

We are in the midst of dramatic changes and our young people need the life skills to turn the tide of the violence, depression and suicides they have endured for too long, and therefore we have too, slowing down the process of peace worldwide.

You saw the video and you see what many are doing now to raise the peace vibration. This has been my mission and my life to help us in that direction. But I need your help and you can do this by sending a CHECK or MONEY ORDER donation to:

1550 Barbara Rd. Suite 200
Redding, CA 96003

For donations of $100 or more we'll send you a receipt so your donation becomes tax deductible. Consult with your tax advisor for more details.

DO NOT send cash and right now the PAY-PAL buttons that are on my website are having some problems associated with it which we are working on to fix. Once corrected it'll be easier for you to make these donations to United Arts Movement International. We'll let you know when they are resolved . . .

Together we can effect change faster and bringing about the peace we wish for our planet; for our youth and for ourselves. I thank you and our future thanks you.

Peace and Love
Jorge Arguello

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Don't change horses in the middle of the stream

I didn't really; I waited till I got to the other side. :-)

Let me tell you just a bit about myself . . .

Being on the Internet since 1997 doing different things and selling in different niches has been a great journey for me and I have failed MANY times but have had MANY successes too.

About five years ago something really started to change within me and it was like a bolt of lightning when it hit me.

I discovered a higher purpose to all that I am. I figured there had to be more for me to do as if what I was doing wasn't enough. It wasn't . . .

I began wondering why our young people are KILLING themselves either through SUICIDES or VIOLENT ACTS like Virginia Tech, Columbine or even like the two young girls who were brutally murdered and left to rot in a ditch last month. It keeps happening over and over and nothing is really being done about it.

It's weird but as I started my non profit organization called United Arts Movement International in 2007, it seemed that more stories of violent acts, suicides and clinical depression amongst teens and young adults kept jumping out at me from the news media.

You know how when you buy a new car all of a sudden you see your new car EVERYWHERE when you never did before? This was happening to me with this, but it was there all along.

Every city I traveled to I'd hear on the radio or read in a newspaper or online about another killing, mass murder or suicide of young lives. Many times I'd find out that it was an innocent child or person caught in the crossfire of someone else's war.

Before I created UAMI I started to hear about these tragedies more and more and as my heart broke each time, I realized I was called to do something about this NOW which is how:


And it was then that I decided to put everything that I had learned as an Internet Marketer and started putting all my resources and money into my non profit to help young people CHANGE DIRECTIONS of their lives too, whether it's in the MIDDLE of the stream, BEFORE it or ACROSS it.

So let me introduce you to my newest project . . .


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Centers that restore balance in our youth allowing Artistic Creative Expression while teaching POSITIVE MANIFESTATIONS in all areas of their lives.

The result is lowering teen suicide, clinical depression and violent outbursts like the kind witnessed at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Illinois University, the Mall in Utah, the Amish Killings and the murder of two 13 year old girls in the Midwest only to name a few because this is happening all across the country ALL THE TIME!

This is an opportunity like none other for you and the ROI is phenomenal! Let me explain . . .


You see, I need you but more importantly, the KIDS need you. I have a fundraiser coming up in August to bring about more awareness to the community and country but also to help with all aspects of the organization.

Some of the funds will be allocated for advertising, grant writing, travel expenses to connect with those people that can become major contributors and sponsors, like artists in the US and Europe, companies that donate equipment like paint supplies, musical instruments, and building equipment, and connecting with major fundraisers in New Mexico and Florida and New York.

But the bulk of the funds will be to help us get our own building so the kids have a CENTRAL LOCATION to come to and much of the money will be to funneled towards that end.


For every donation of $10 or more gives you an ROI 1000 times with feelings of joy, raising the peace vibration, giving selflessly and the knowledge that you are making a difference in a young person's life while RESTORING BALANCE to our world. And you SAVE LIVES!! What other product can do that? Now that's an investment worth making wouldn't you say?

This is a 1 X 1,000,000 FORCED MATRIX. It works like this: You make a donation and tell all your friends to do the same. They in turn make a donation and tell their friends that you don't know and they tell them to do the same.

You tell them of the benefits they receive as I described above and how happy their hearts and souls will feel when their own kids can safely to go to college, high school and the mall again.

So each person tells their friends that there is an organization that is committed to doing something for our children and our world. Pretty soon they are having meetings, parties and telling everyone of this organization called UAMI:


And it grows and it grows and pretty soon each person has one million people under them until the whole country is in tune with what UAMI is doing.

To make a donation you simply go to: and the BIG PURPLE BUTTON is the one time donation of any amount button. The other buttons are for recurring donations.

So you make either a ONE TIME DONATION or a RECURRING DONATION. The difference is I don't ask you for PERSONAL information that you don't want to give and you can remain anonymous if you so desire.

If you have a business, website, organization or anything you wish to advertise AND make a donation of 100 dollars or more I will post your information and either make a link back to you or post your address, phone or WHATEVER you want people to see. It's the CHEAPEST ADVERTISING you'll get this year and it makes GOOD business sense.

Please help spread the word and make a donation to the United Arts Movement International helping us reach every troubled and at risk child and save our kids; save our planet; save our future.

Peace and Love

Jorge Arguello
Founder and Director

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Obama for Art.

Dear Reader,

I want to talk about the "surge". No, not the one in Iraq but the one happening right now, today in America.

I was watching c-span the other night and I came across Barack Obama talking to a huge crowd in Ohio. He was charismatically mesmerizing to say the least but what really caught my eye was his interest in bringing back, and nurturing, the ARTS.

This is important because he is the only candidate that even mentions the imbalance that is prevalent in society today, something I have dedicated my life to changing as well with my non profit United Arts Movement International.

According to what he said, he will bring arts, nutrition, scholastic excellence and invest in our youth, and I have to say that makes me feel real good about Barack Obama. Look, I'm not politically involved usually because, well, over the years I have seen the deterioration of our political system, especially the voting aspect of it. I just lost faith in it and haven't voted in over 30 years.

But there is something about Barack, his wife Michelle and the campaign he is running. When he speaks, he doesn't look at some paper with the same words we've heard year after year, like his opponents do.

They are telling it like it IS, to coin a phrase from Howard Cosell, and that's more than anyone has done in politics in longer than I can remember, and that's a long time. Their truths are apparent and up front and even if you don't agree with their truths, you must admire them for standing up for them.

Michelle Obama the other day said that for the FIRST TIME, she was proud of America. I agree with her especially when America, and those that can, begin supporting the Arts Movement once again. This is the biggest step in the change that is needed and United Arts Movement International leads the way in bringing the balance and emotional release our young people require to manifest positive outcomes to any negative situation they happen to find themselves in.

So do I endorse Barack Obama? I certainly do but do you have to in order to support the United Arts Movement International? You certainly do not and your contribution to help me lower teen suicides, depression and violence, to stop mass murders in our colleges, malls and public places by young adults lacking balance in their lives, is much needed and always appreciated.

Please don't let politics, recessions, fear or anything hold you back from helping our young people in a time where they so desperately need us. NOW is the time. Please help with a donation today. To find out more please visit the UAMI website by clicking on any of the links on this page.

As always I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and I welcome comments from you on any subject I write about. Thank you and blessings of peace and love.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Why Gun Control Is NOT The Answer

There is no way that more "gun control" will stop this carnage we are experiencing with these incidents. It's just too easy for someone to get a weapon if not off the street, then from someone they already know. This is something that is more fundamental and it must be addressed at the core, which lies within the person committing the crime.

What lies at the core? A sense of imbalance, of low self worth and allowing others to control who they are. These personalities don't have the key to positive expression; to positive manifestations of any situation they happen to find themselves in. They were never taught or lost it through living in a system that withholds the balance and key to positive manifestation.

Notice that most of these individuals are in an age group that are victim to the school system's removal of art in the classroom. Now you wouldn't think that taking out something like art out of the curriculum would be a big deal.

But think about it; when you remove something like that you take away the BALANCE of life in school, where all you're getting now is, excel, excel, excel, and push-push-push to get great grades. The balance has been tipped to a more aggressive and punishing lifestyle and world where only "making it to college" exists and to hell with positive emotional expression that art brings about in a person.

To learn more visit and visit me here at my blog for more commentary.

The solution is within our grasp but as long as we believe the government that this is not getting out of hand or only more gun control is the solution, then these incidents will become more and more mainstream rather than just the occasional incident.

Educate yourself and help out because it will be a grass roots effort that will end this from getting worse. Thanks for reading my post.

Join my NEWSLETTER up at the top and to the right for more information on what we are doing to curb this and more of these incidents.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why This Is The Solution To The Problem

I started out today reminding myself how happy and grateful I am for all I have and that I enjoy, which I am, yet recent events kept me from conveying all that. It felt like I was in a dream that I could see into and be part of but not able to do anything about it. You know what I mean?

On top of that it is Christmas, and all is supposed to be merry and joyous and hunky dory with the world . . . like a Thomas Kincade painting of a cottage in the woods with wispy smoke coming out of the chimney and furry little animals at the picket fence, but it just isn't so, is it?

I labored over how I would talk about this but the fact is that there isn't a "syrupy way" to talk about it because what's happening has become epidemic and out of control. In the past two weeks alone it has really reared its ugly head.

And what's freaking me out is that I feel helpless and that I'm not reaching them before it happens as if something chains me to a wall and I'm trying to break free but can't.

However, it also tells me that what I've been working on for over 18 years IS the SOLUTION to a problem that is now running rampant like the black plague; and it may get worse before it gets any better.

What am I referring to and should I talk about this subject that most people believe doesn't even affect them; or, are people really thinking about this and wondering what they can do about it too? That's what I'm hoping for . . .

Well, it is December and Christmas is close at hand AND it is my birth month too
and so I have some well wishes for you and yours but before I do that I want to ask something of you.

I want you to consider the possibilities as well as the solution . . . here's what happened . . .

A few days ago as of this writing, a young man named Matthew Murray, age 24, went on a shooting spree killing four people ages 16 to 26 before he was shot to death in Colorado.

A couple days before that in Las Vegas two gunmen shot and wounded six young people at a bus stop, an attack that officials believe stemmed from a fight about a girl at the Mojave High school. If you have school aged children what must you be feeling I wonder?

In Omaha a few days before that on December 5th, Robert Hawkins aged 19, went on a killing
spree killing eight people before doing himself in at a shopping mall; a public place where your mom, dad, husband, wife, children, grandchildren all shop at.

Are you safe where you live and do you feel lucky anymore when you've made it home from your local mall? Is that how we want to live? Always looking over our shoulders?

And don't forget about Virginia Tech where Cho Sueng Hui killed 32 people before offing himself. I have college aged kids and this doesn't sit too well with me either. In fact it scares the crap out of me.

We can never forget the Columbine High School massacre which occurred on Tuesday, April 20, 1999 near Denver and Littleton where two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, embarked on a shooting rampage, killing 12 students and a teacher, as well as wounding 23 others, before committing suicide.

Ok, I could go on with citing incidents like this because they are happening about every two
months all over the US of A, according to the government stats. It's also happening around the
globe; we just don't hear about it.

So, why am I talking about this during the Christmas holiday and what am I asking you to do? Where do you fit in and how can you and I change these incidents?

I can't change the past; no one can but I am doing something about the present for our future and with your help we can slow this down and possibly eliminate it altogether, which is
my goal.

I've created and run a non profit organization called the United Arts Movement International at where I work with troubled teens; actually "tweens" to twenties (ages 12 to 21) helping them express their inner emotions in a positive way.

I don't turn kids into artists unless they decide that's what they want to do and move towards
that in their life. Instead I use the power and the language of art to show kids how to manifest
positive changes in their lives through positive emotional expression.

My centers eliminate the FLEAS of the bubonic, black plague, not the RATS that this epidemic resembles.

I get right to the source of all this negative emotion and give kids another way to look at life and
how they can EXPRESS their emotions without having to harm others to get their point across.

They don't have to kill to be famous. That's the common denominator for many of these senseless massacres; fame. Are you following me with this and is it making sense to you?

It is obvious the government denies and won't or can't take steps to do anything about this
problem because they don't even recognize it as such. Only we, the people of the world, and I mean us parents, singles, men and women alike, can make the difference by helping our kids today before it really reaches EPIDEMIC PORPORTIONS!

Let me change this trend and heal our kids because I know how to do it because at UAMI, I AM already doing it.

Ok, here's the bottom line ok; I'm asking you to make a donation to the organization. I don't care what amount; a dollar, ten, twenty, a hundred or a thousand but please help support this 501 C3 non profit organization.

All of your donations are tax deductible and go to provide the materials and the tuition for these kids. You see I don't charge them a red cent because I don't want money to be a factor for them not attending and receiving the therapy they desperately want and need.

So I need you to help me with this mission I have been given and have taken on. Oh, I'm doing this already but I just can't do this alone forever because it is too big which is why I need your help.

The thing is that if we don't do something about this starting now then we are like the goose
standing in front of the farmer with an axe in his hand, you catch my drift? And our kids will continue dying and innocent lives will be wasted; yours or mine could be next.

Our kids are the most important resource we have on this planet and it is up to us to nurture
them back to health. I have found a way to do this and I ask for your donation and support to
implement my program.

My work has already helped some teens but it is in the beginning stages and I am "Turning Up The Volume" so that I can show the world that it can be done. You become a big part of the success of UAMI and your donations will go a long way in making this happen.

Now, there are so many organizations that help the abused, the sick and the impoverished young and they serve a purpose too and I gladly and lovingly support them but no one has come up with a solution that I HAVE and this is a SOLUTION to this particular EPIDEMIC.

I do this because I have no choice in the matter; it's my highest purpose to do so. But I know that you do have a choice and you can help me with this or not and that's ok. But, I am doing my part and I ask you to please do yours by helping me with this.

I will provide you with all the information you need and it is all on my website at so you can contact me and interrogate me if you have to. You can also respond to this post and write me back with questions and I will answer them, everyone!

Your donations are accepted at and on that page there are different ways and amounts to donate. You can donate on a monthly basis or you can do a one time donation which, in either case, will be so much appreciated and put to good use. You can also send cash, money orders or checks to:

1550 Barbara Rd. Suite 200
Redding, CA 96003

I will keep you informed as to the progress and those that become sponsors will receive other gifts as well and a prominent spot on my website. In fact all donors will be mentioned on the website.

All MAJOR SPONSORS that need more information can call me at the number at the bottom of this letter. I welcome all angels that can help me with this because I really need your help to nurture and give therapy of positive reinforcement to our kids again; making them whole once more.

Go to my website where you can read more information about me and my centers and at the end of this letter you will have the links that will take you there. I promised you some gifts and so here's one; it's called the gift of giving and you are already doing that with your generosity and understanding.

That gift can never be replaced by anything except joy, pride and the accomplishment of helping our kids. That feeling is like a rocket ship traveling through space taking you to places unknown
but knowing that it will be a better place than where you've been.

In return I give you the gift of healing our children and troubled teens, lowering teen depression, suicide rates and eliminating the violence on our kids by our kids. That is my gift to you.

This sounds like a plead; well IT IS but with your help it will end the rage and make our kids whole and that's worth investigating and a cause worth supporting. I've done what others can't. I'm just doing it bigger and affecting more kids; with your generous donation.

Thank you. Join the newsletter and visit my website at and you can make a donation also right there at

Peace and Love. Help our kids Help our future

Founder and Director
United Arts Movement International

Friday, September 14, 2007

YOU Can Make a Difference in a Child's Life.

Today I'm spilling my GUTS and exposing myself to you.

I want to share this because of its IMPORTANCE and how it affects our WORLD; our KIDS; our FUTURE.

Today, there is ONE person that can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Today, that one person is YOU. I want to share with you how you can help me . . .


Well now that’s a very powerful statement and lofty goal so let me set the scene up so you understand what I mean and then I can explain it better but . . .

Before I explain I want you to remember how, as a kid, you were told things like:

1. Don’t talk; just listen
2. A child is to be seen and not heard
3. Do as you told
4. Don’t do as I do; do as I say
5. Who said that life was fair?

Now, close your eyes and imagine if you can, HEARING that VOICE deep in your psyche.

Do you remember how you FELT hearing the sound of that VOICE?

It's a VOICE from the past that may be long forgotten on the conscious level but lies DEEP in your sub-conscious mind and never forgotten.

Perhaps this has affected you all of your life whether you know it or not, whether you want to admit it or not.

Let me ask you, who did you turn to for emotional release or emotional expression? Was it a favorite aunt or uncle, a brother or a sister or your mom or dad?

Like most kids maybe you just buried it inside, letting the HURT and ANGER well up and seethe inside you LONG enough that it affected your relationships at school and personal life.

Maybe your parents decided to seek therapy (POSITIVE) helping you release the emotions and finally moving on. Of course that came at a high price tag for your parents but worth it, right?

Or maybe. . .

Your parents didn't know, didn't care and didn't do anything about it. You may have found yourself in situations where you were always getting angry at the smallest things.

Later you became an addictive personality doing things detrimental to positive living. (NEGATIVE)

In other words you might have expressed yourself in the most negative way imaginable except for the fact you had . . .


When you were a kid you were surrounded by art in some form or fashion, mainly because you didn’t have television like we do today with hundreds of channels to choose from.

You didn’t have computers, cell phones, video games, ipods or any tool stealing your attention that buried your emotions even deeper .

Most of us at least had ART in the SCHOOL SYSTEM in some form LIKE MUSIC, DRAWING, PAINTING, or SINGING.

I remember singing every morning when I went to school about something
even if it was the star spangled banner.

We had periods of clapping rhythms, dance movements and all kinds of

Back in the day, we formed bands playing music together or dancing and listening to music. Remember vinyl records?

Statistics have PROVEN scientifically and medically, that the reason most of us don't go out and hurt someone is because we had . . . POSITIVE EMOTIONAL AND EXPRESSIVE RELEASE through art.

You have heard the old adage that "music soothes the savage beast"? There is TRUTH in that old cliché.


Today, we live in a modern world with camera’s everywhere, news about everything that is going on which is mostly negative, and a constant barrage of subjects too sophisticated for kids.

Our children are exposed to more STRESSES, violence and everyday pressures from educators, parents and the media like never before.

Today, KIDS DON’T HAVE art in their lives like we had and the negative results show up in ways you and I never really dreamed of, like the tragedies of Columbine and Virginia Tech or the execution style murders of college age kids in New Jersey.

To make things worse, statistics show that teen suicides and DEPRESSION have risen dramatically in the last 25 years coinciding with ART being eliminated from the school systems across the country.

For some kids today, that anger and hurt, combined with the stresses today and with NO EMOTIONAL RELEASE THROUGH ART, takes them over the edge and they pick up a weapon, walk right into a high school or college and begin murdering innocent people.

I have DISCOVERED the SOLUTION to curb this while empowering our kids with positive knowledge and energy.

Here's where we left off . . .


In March of this year I formed a Corporation and private charity, non profit organization in California that I call the United Arts Movement International or UAMI for short.

I created this organization for the sole purpose of building centers across the country, and the world, to help our kids with positive ARTISTIC CREATIVE EXPRESSION.

Said another way, my program teaches our youth to express their emotions through the language of art in a positive manner while also learning and applying the basis of empowerment and creation.

When you realize that everyone creates their own reality at a young age, then a child becomes empowered to create a BETTER LIFE for themselves AT ANY AGE!

I opened my first center in Redding, California, and it grows in scope with each passing month. (refer to opening in article below)

My personal goal is to affect as many lives that I can and teach young people the basic keys to a positive life; one of hope; one of love and peace.

I want to impress upon them that there is a much better way to express their inner emotions and feelings through a safe medium like art.

By applying the DISCIPLINES of art, they also learn how to MANIFEST their dreams and turn their situations into what they want their lives to be.

My centers are also unique in that it has . . .


What makes my enrichment centers of Artistic Creative Expression different from all the rest is not just the curriculum but that I do not charge any fees. All "art centers" CHARGE some sort of FEE for any of their programs.

In fact, they have too in order to stay in operation. However, with my centers I realized that charging any fee only holds back those that cannot afford to do it in the first place and they are usually the ones that are at a disadvantage because of the life they live.

Many of these kids and their parents are on welfare, low income jobs where 40 bucks won’t fill most gas tanks in this country and it just looms large for just about everyone.

I want ALL CHILDREN to be able to attend and to become empowered and I don’t want anything holding a parent or child back, especially because they don’t have the money.

Working single moms or single dads can’t spare another extra 40 bucks when they are stretched already trying to make ends meet.

Everyday I hear parents tell me how difficult it is to have their child participate in an art enrichment center and that if it weren’t for my center they would not have a place to send their kid to learn ARTISTIC CREATIVE EXPRESSION or positive emotional release.


Right now, I’m asking you to join me in this crusade to help balance our young, giving them an outlet to release their emotions in a positive manner thereby raising the consciousness and peace vibration of the world.

If you can FEEL my vision and can see a way to help me build these centers, not just here in Redding but in your hometown too, then I am asking for YOUR help in a couple of ways.

My mission is to affect as many of our kids and make them take responsibility for their part in ending violence, hatred anger, despondency and taking back their right to a better world.

You can help me with this. This is how . . .

1. Please send a donation of ANY AMOUNT. Every dollar will help the cause and you can do that by visiting my web site at:

You can also send a check or money order in any amount to:

United Arts Movement International
1550 Barbara Rd. Suite 200
Redding, CA 96003

2. If you want one in your neck of the woods like many people have indicated as I’ve gone around the country talking about this, then please write me and tell me that you do at:

3. You can also write your LEGISLATORS and tell them of my organization, UAMI, that is actually doing something to stop teen suicides, and violent crimes like Columbine and Virginia Tech, making our neighborhoods and our world just a bit safer.

Tell them you want one in your neighborhood, town and city too. And if you know magazine or newspaper writers, radio or TV personalities, OPRAH, LARRY, WARREN or BILL, then by all means spread the word.

I told you this was a long letter but I want to just finish saying that this is not a hand out – it’s a hand up.

You can make a difference right now. And if you’re a believer in karma, you know this will
come back to you so many, many times over. Thanks for all your help and if we can keep one youngster from committing a horrible crime or committing suicide, then your donation will have been well spent.

Thank you so much.

Peace and Love,