Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why This Is The Solution To The Problem

I started out today reminding myself how happy and grateful I am for all I have and that I enjoy, which I am, yet recent events kept me from conveying all that. It felt like I was in a dream that I could see into and be part of but not able to do anything about it. You know what I mean?

On top of that it is Christmas, and all is supposed to be merry and joyous and hunky dory with the world . . . like a Thomas Kincade painting of a cottage in the woods with wispy smoke coming out of the chimney and furry little animals at the picket fence, but it just isn't so, is it?

I labored over how I would talk about this but the fact is that there isn't a "syrupy way" to talk about it because what's happening has become epidemic and out of control. In the past two weeks alone it has really reared its ugly head.

And what's freaking me out is that I feel helpless and that I'm not reaching them before it happens as if something chains me to a wall and I'm trying to break free but can't.

However, it also tells me that what I've been working on for over 18 years IS the SOLUTION to a problem that is now running rampant like the black plague; and it may get worse before it gets any better.

What am I referring to and should I talk about this subject that most people believe doesn't even affect them; or, are people really thinking about this and wondering what they can do about it too? That's what I'm hoping for . . .

Well, it is December and Christmas is close at hand AND it is my birth month too
and so I have some well wishes for you and yours but before I do that I want to ask something of you.

I want you to consider the possibilities as well as the solution . . . here's what happened . . .

A few days ago as of this writing, a young man named Matthew Murray, age 24, went on a shooting spree killing four people ages 16 to 26 before he was shot to death in Colorado.

A couple days before that in Las Vegas two gunmen shot and wounded six young people at a bus stop, an attack that officials believe stemmed from a fight about a girl at the Mojave High school. If you have school aged children what must you be feeling I wonder?

In Omaha a few days before that on December 5th, Robert Hawkins aged 19, went on a killing
spree killing eight people before doing himself in at a shopping mall; a public place where your mom, dad, husband, wife, children, grandchildren all shop at.

Are you safe where you live and do you feel lucky anymore when you've made it home from your local mall? Is that how we want to live? Always looking over our shoulders?

And don't forget about Virginia Tech where Cho Sueng Hui killed 32 people before offing himself. I have college aged kids and this doesn't sit too well with me either. In fact it scares the crap out of me.

We can never forget the Columbine High School massacre which occurred on Tuesday, April 20, 1999 near Denver and Littleton where two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, embarked on a shooting rampage, killing 12 students and a teacher, as well as wounding 23 others, before committing suicide.

Ok, I could go on with citing incidents like this because they are happening about every two
months all over the US of A, according to the government stats. It's also happening around the
globe; we just don't hear about it.

So, why am I talking about this during the Christmas holiday and what am I asking you to do? Where do you fit in and how can you and I change these incidents?

I can't change the past; no one can but I am doing something about the present for our future and with your help we can slow this down and possibly eliminate it altogether, which is
my goal.

I've created and run a non profit organization called the United Arts Movement International at where I work with troubled teens; actually "tweens" to twenties (ages 12 to 21) helping them express their inner emotions in a positive way.

I don't turn kids into artists unless they decide that's what they want to do and move towards
that in their life. Instead I use the power and the language of art to show kids how to manifest
positive changes in their lives through positive emotional expression.

My centers eliminate the FLEAS of the bubonic, black plague, not the RATS that this epidemic resembles.

I get right to the source of all this negative emotion and give kids another way to look at life and
how they can EXPRESS their emotions without having to harm others to get their point across.

They don't have to kill to be famous. That's the common denominator for many of these senseless massacres; fame. Are you following me with this and is it making sense to you?

It is obvious the government denies and won't or can't take steps to do anything about this
problem because they don't even recognize it as such. Only we, the people of the world, and I mean us parents, singles, men and women alike, can make the difference by helping our kids today before it really reaches EPIDEMIC PORPORTIONS!

Let me change this trend and heal our kids because I know how to do it because at UAMI, I AM already doing it.

Ok, here's the bottom line ok; I'm asking you to make a donation to the organization. I don't care what amount; a dollar, ten, twenty, a hundred or a thousand but please help support this 501 C3 non profit organization.

All of your donations are tax deductible and go to provide the materials and the tuition for these kids. You see I don't charge them a red cent because I don't want money to be a factor for them not attending and receiving the therapy they desperately want and need.

So I need you to help me with this mission I have been given and have taken on. Oh, I'm doing this already but I just can't do this alone forever because it is too big which is why I need your help.

The thing is that if we don't do something about this starting now then we are like the goose
standing in front of the farmer with an axe in his hand, you catch my drift? And our kids will continue dying and innocent lives will be wasted; yours or mine could be next.

Our kids are the most important resource we have on this planet and it is up to us to nurture
them back to health. I have found a way to do this and I ask for your donation and support to
implement my program.

My work has already helped some teens but it is in the beginning stages and I am "Turning Up The Volume" so that I can show the world that it can be done. You become a big part of the success of UAMI and your donations will go a long way in making this happen.

Now, there are so many organizations that help the abused, the sick and the impoverished young and they serve a purpose too and I gladly and lovingly support them but no one has come up with a solution that I HAVE and this is a SOLUTION to this particular EPIDEMIC.

I do this because I have no choice in the matter; it's my highest purpose to do so. But I know that you do have a choice and you can help me with this or not and that's ok. But, I am doing my part and I ask you to please do yours by helping me with this.

I will provide you with all the information you need and it is all on my website at so you can contact me and interrogate me if you have to. You can also respond to this post and write me back with questions and I will answer them, everyone!

Your donations are accepted at and on that page there are different ways and amounts to donate. You can donate on a monthly basis or you can do a one time donation which, in either case, will be so much appreciated and put to good use. You can also send cash, money orders or checks to:

1550 Barbara Rd. Suite 200
Redding, CA 96003

I will keep you informed as to the progress and those that become sponsors will receive other gifts as well and a prominent spot on my website. In fact all donors will be mentioned on the website.

All MAJOR SPONSORS that need more information can call me at the number at the bottom of this letter. I welcome all angels that can help me with this because I really need your help to nurture and give therapy of positive reinforcement to our kids again; making them whole once more.

Go to my website where you can read more information about me and my centers and at the end of this letter you will have the links that will take you there. I promised you some gifts and so here's one; it's called the gift of giving and you are already doing that with your generosity and understanding.

That gift can never be replaced by anything except joy, pride and the accomplishment of helping our kids. That feeling is like a rocket ship traveling through space taking you to places unknown
but knowing that it will be a better place than where you've been.

In return I give you the gift of healing our children and troubled teens, lowering teen depression, suicide rates and eliminating the violence on our kids by our kids. That is my gift to you.

This sounds like a plead; well IT IS but with your help it will end the rage and make our kids whole and that's worth investigating and a cause worth supporting. I've done what others can't. I'm just doing it bigger and affecting more kids; with your generous donation.

Thank you. Join the newsletter and visit my website at and you can make a donation also right there at

Peace and Love. Help our kids Help our future

Founder and Director
United Arts Movement International


Keith said...

Jorge, In sell groceries in Redding, CA, and I am sure in the time I have lived here, we have crossed paths. I am, adding your blog to my favourites. I hope the work you do continues to help others in their paths. I think this sounds like a wonderful organization

Jorge Arguello said...

Thank you Keith and I appreciate your comments. If we haven't crossed paths yet, we will but together, and as a community, we can help our kids learn positive emotional expression and life manifestations of peace and love.

Hope to see you sometime. Take care my friend.