Friday, September 14, 2007

YOU Can Make a Difference in a Child's Life.

Today I'm spilling my GUTS and exposing myself to you.

I want to share this because of its IMPORTANCE and how it affects our WORLD; our KIDS; our FUTURE.

Today, there is ONE person that can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Today, that one person is YOU. I want to share with you how you can help me . . .


Well now that’s a very powerful statement and lofty goal so let me set the scene up so you understand what I mean and then I can explain it better but . . .

Before I explain I want you to remember how, as a kid, you were told things like:

1. Don’t talk; just listen
2. A child is to be seen and not heard
3. Do as you told
4. Don’t do as I do; do as I say
5. Who said that life was fair?

Now, close your eyes and imagine if you can, HEARING that VOICE deep in your psyche.

Do you remember how you FELT hearing the sound of that VOICE?

It's a VOICE from the past that may be long forgotten on the conscious level but lies DEEP in your sub-conscious mind and never forgotten.

Perhaps this has affected you all of your life whether you know it or not, whether you want to admit it or not.

Let me ask you, who did you turn to for emotional release or emotional expression? Was it a favorite aunt or uncle, a brother or a sister or your mom or dad?

Like most kids maybe you just buried it inside, letting the HURT and ANGER well up and seethe inside you LONG enough that it affected your relationships at school and personal life.

Maybe your parents decided to seek therapy (POSITIVE) helping you release the emotions and finally moving on. Of course that came at a high price tag for your parents but worth it, right?

Or maybe. . .

Your parents didn't know, didn't care and didn't do anything about it. You may have found yourself in situations where you were always getting angry at the smallest things.

Later you became an addictive personality doing things detrimental to positive living. (NEGATIVE)

In other words you might have expressed yourself in the most negative way imaginable except for the fact you had . . .


When you were a kid you were surrounded by art in some form or fashion, mainly because you didn’t have television like we do today with hundreds of channels to choose from.

You didn’t have computers, cell phones, video games, ipods or any tool stealing your attention that buried your emotions even deeper .

Most of us at least had ART in the SCHOOL SYSTEM in some form LIKE MUSIC, DRAWING, PAINTING, or SINGING.

I remember singing every morning when I went to school about something
even if it was the star spangled banner.

We had periods of clapping rhythms, dance movements and all kinds of

Back in the day, we formed bands playing music together or dancing and listening to music. Remember vinyl records?

Statistics have PROVEN scientifically and medically, that the reason most of us don't go out and hurt someone is because we had . . . POSITIVE EMOTIONAL AND EXPRESSIVE RELEASE through art.

You have heard the old adage that "music soothes the savage beast"? There is TRUTH in that old cliché.


Today, we live in a modern world with camera’s everywhere, news about everything that is going on which is mostly negative, and a constant barrage of subjects too sophisticated for kids.

Our children are exposed to more STRESSES, violence and everyday pressures from educators, parents and the media like never before.

Today, KIDS DON’T HAVE art in their lives like we had and the negative results show up in ways you and I never really dreamed of, like the tragedies of Columbine and Virginia Tech or the execution style murders of college age kids in New Jersey.

To make things worse, statistics show that teen suicides and DEPRESSION have risen dramatically in the last 25 years coinciding with ART being eliminated from the school systems across the country.

For some kids today, that anger and hurt, combined with the stresses today and with NO EMOTIONAL RELEASE THROUGH ART, takes them over the edge and they pick up a weapon, walk right into a high school or college and begin murdering innocent people.

I have DISCOVERED the SOLUTION to curb this while empowering our kids with positive knowledge and energy.

Here's where we left off . . .


In March of this year I formed a Corporation and private charity, non profit organization in California that I call the United Arts Movement International or UAMI for short.

I created this organization for the sole purpose of building centers across the country, and the world, to help our kids with positive ARTISTIC CREATIVE EXPRESSION.

Said another way, my program teaches our youth to express their emotions through the language of art in a positive manner while also learning and applying the basis of empowerment and creation.

When you realize that everyone creates their own reality at a young age, then a child becomes empowered to create a BETTER LIFE for themselves AT ANY AGE!

I opened my first center in Redding, California, and it grows in scope with each passing month. (refer to opening in article below)

My personal goal is to affect as many lives that I can and teach young people the basic keys to a positive life; one of hope; one of love and peace.

I want to impress upon them that there is a much better way to express their inner emotions and feelings through a safe medium like art.

By applying the DISCIPLINES of art, they also learn how to MANIFEST their dreams and turn their situations into what they want their lives to be.

My centers are also unique in that it has . . .


What makes my enrichment centers of Artistic Creative Expression different from all the rest is not just the curriculum but that I do not charge any fees. All "art centers" CHARGE some sort of FEE for any of their programs.

In fact, they have too in order to stay in operation. However, with my centers I realized that charging any fee only holds back those that cannot afford to do it in the first place and they are usually the ones that are at a disadvantage because of the life they live.

Many of these kids and their parents are on welfare, low income jobs where 40 bucks won’t fill most gas tanks in this country and it just looms large for just about everyone.

I want ALL CHILDREN to be able to attend and to become empowered and I don’t want anything holding a parent or child back, especially because they don’t have the money.

Working single moms or single dads can’t spare another extra 40 bucks when they are stretched already trying to make ends meet.

Everyday I hear parents tell me how difficult it is to have their child participate in an art enrichment center and that if it weren’t for my center they would not have a place to send their kid to learn ARTISTIC CREATIVE EXPRESSION or positive emotional release.


Right now, I’m asking you to join me in this crusade to help balance our young, giving them an outlet to release their emotions in a positive manner thereby raising the consciousness and peace vibration of the world.

If you can FEEL my vision and can see a way to help me build these centers, not just here in Redding but in your hometown too, then I am asking for YOUR help in a couple of ways.

My mission is to affect as many of our kids and make them take responsibility for their part in ending violence, hatred anger, despondency and taking back their right to a better world.

You can help me with this. This is how . . .

1. Please send a donation of ANY AMOUNT. Every dollar will help the cause and you can do that by visiting my web site at:

You can also send a check or money order in any amount to:

United Arts Movement International
1550 Barbara Rd. Suite 200
Redding, CA 96003

2. If you want one in your neck of the woods like many people have indicated as I’ve gone around the country talking about this, then please write me and tell me that you do at:

3. You can also write your LEGISLATORS and tell them of my organization, UAMI, that is actually doing something to stop teen suicides, and violent crimes like Columbine and Virginia Tech, making our neighborhoods and our world just a bit safer.

Tell them you want one in your neighborhood, town and city too. And if you know magazine or newspaper writers, radio or TV personalities, OPRAH, LARRY, WARREN or BILL, then by all means spread the word.

I told you this was a long letter but I want to just finish saying that this is not a hand out – it’s a hand up.

You can make a difference right now. And if you’re a believer in karma, you know this will
come back to you so many, many times over. Thanks for all your help and if we can keep one youngster from committing a horrible crime or committing suicide, then your donation will have been well spent.

Thank you so much.

Peace and Love,

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