Friday, February 22, 2008

Why Gun Control Is NOT The Answer

There is no way that more "gun control" will stop this carnage we are experiencing with these incidents. It's just too easy for someone to get a weapon if not off the street, then from someone they already know. This is something that is more fundamental and it must be addressed at the core, which lies within the person committing the crime.

What lies at the core? A sense of imbalance, of low self worth and allowing others to control who they are. These personalities don't have the key to positive expression; to positive manifestations of any situation they happen to find themselves in. They were never taught or lost it through living in a system that withholds the balance and key to positive manifestation.

Notice that most of these individuals are in an age group that are victim to the school system's removal of art in the classroom. Now you wouldn't think that taking out something like art out of the curriculum would be a big deal.

But think about it; when you remove something like that you take away the BALANCE of life in school, where all you're getting now is, excel, excel, excel, and push-push-push to get great grades. The balance has been tipped to a more aggressive and punishing lifestyle and world where only "making it to college" exists and to hell with positive emotional expression that art brings about in a person.

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The solution is within our grasp but as long as we believe the government that this is not getting out of hand or only more gun control is the solution, then these incidents will become more and more mainstream rather than just the occasional incident.

Educate yourself and help out because it will be a grass roots effort that will end this from getting worse. Thanks for reading my post.

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