Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Obama for Art.

Dear Reader,

I want to talk about the "surge". No, not the one in Iraq but the one happening right now, today in America.

I was watching c-span the other night and I came across Barack Obama talking to a huge crowd in Ohio. He was charismatically mesmerizing to say the least but what really caught my eye was his interest in bringing back, and nurturing, the ARTS.

This is important because he is the only candidate that even mentions the imbalance that is prevalent in society today, something I have dedicated my life to changing as well with my non profit United Arts Movement International.

According to what he said, he will bring arts, nutrition, scholastic excellence and invest in our youth, and I have to say that makes me feel real good about Barack Obama. Look, I'm not politically involved usually because, well, over the years I have seen the deterioration of our political system, especially the voting aspect of it. I just lost faith in it and haven't voted in over 30 years.

But there is something about Barack, his wife Michelle and the campaign he is running. When he speaks, he doesn't look at some paper with the same words we've heard year after year, like his opponents do.

They are telling it like it IS, to coin a phrase from Howard Cosell, and that's more than anyone has done in politics in longer than I can remember, and that's a long time. Their truths are apparent and up front and even if you don't agree with their truths, you must admire them for standing up for them.

Michelle Obama the other day said that for the FIRST TIME, she was proud of America. I agree with her especially when America, and those that can, begin supporting the Arts Movement once again. This is the biggest step in the change that is needed and United Arts Movement International leads the way in bringing the balance and emotional release our young people require to manifest positive outcomes to any negative situation they happen to find themselves in.

So do I endorse Barack Obama? I certainly do but do you have to in order to support the United Arts Movement International? You certainly do not and your contribution to help me lower teen suicides, depression and violence, to stop mass murders in our colleges, malls and public places by young adults lacking balance in their lives, is much needed and always appreciated.

Please don't let politics, recessions, fear or anything hold you back from helping our young people in a time where they so desperately need us. NOW is the time. Please help with a donation today. To find out more please visit the UAMI website by clicking on any of the links on this page.

As always I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and I welcome comments from you on any subject I write about. Thank you and blessings of peace and love.

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