Sunday, June 29, 2008

Don't change horses in the middle of the stream

I didn't really; I waited till I got to the other side. :-)

Let me tell you just a bit about myself . . .

Being on the Internet since 1997 doing different things and selling in different niches has been a great journey for me and I have failed MANY times but have had MANY successes too.

About five years ago something really started to change within me and it was like a bolt of lightning when it hit me.

I discovered a higher purpose to all that I am. I figured there had to be more for me to do as if what I was doing wasn't enough. It wasn't . . .

I began wondering why our young people are KILLING themselves either through SUICIDES or VIOLENT ACTS like Virginia Tech, Columbine or even like the two young girls who were brutally murdered and left to rot in a ditch last month. It keeps happening over and over and nothing is really being done about it.

It's weird but as I started my non profit organization called United Arts Movement International in 2007, it seemed that more stories of violent acts, suicides and clinical depression amongst teens and young adults kept jumping out at me from the news media.

You know how when you buy a new car all of a sudden you see your new car EVERYWHERE when you never did before? This was happening to me with this, but it was there all along.

Every city I traveled to I'd hear on the radio or read in a newspaper or online about another killing, mass murder or suicide of young lives. Many times I'd find out that it was an innocent child or person caught in the crossfire of someone else's war.

Before I created UAMI I started to hear about these tragedies more and more and as my heart broke each time, I realized I was called to do something about this NOW which is how:


And it was then that I decided to put everything that I had learned as an Internet Marketer and started putting all my resources and money into my non profit to help young people CHANGE DIRECTIONS of their lives too, whether it's in the MIDDLE of the stream, BEFORE it or ACROSS it.

So let me introduce you to my newest project . . .


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Centers that restore balance in our youth allowing Artistic Creative Expression while teaching POSITIVE MANIFESTATIONS in all areas of their lives.

The result is lowering teen suicide, clinical depression and violent outbursts like the kind witnessed at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Illinois University, the Mall in Utah, the Amish Killings and the murder of two 13 year old girls in the Midwest only to name a few because this is happening all across the country ALL THE TIME!

This is an opportunity like none other for you and the ROI is phenomenal! Let me explain . . .


You see, I need you but more importantly, the KIDS need you. I have a fundraiser coming up in August to bring about more awareness to the community and country but also to help with all aspects of the organization.

Some of the funds will be allocated for advertising, grant writing, travel expenses to connect with those people that can become major contributors and sponsors, like artists in the US and Europe, companies that donate equipment like paint supplies, musical instruments, and building equipment, and connecting with major fundraisers in New Mexico and Florida and New York.

But the bulk of the funds will be to help us get our own building so the kids have a CENTRAL LOCATION to come to and much of the money will be to funneled towards that end.


For every donation of $10 or more gives you an ROI 1000 times with feelings of joy, raising the peace vibration, giving selflessly and the knowledge that you are making a difference in a young person's life while RESTORING BALANCE to our world. And you SAVE LIVES!! What other product can do that? Now that's an investment worth making wouldn't you say?

This is a 1 X 1,000,000 FORCED MATRIX. It works like this: You make a donation and tell all your friends to do the same. They in turn make a donation and tell their friends that you don't know and they tell them to do the same.

You tell them of the benefits they receive as I described above and how happy their hearts and souls will feel when their own kids can safely to go to college, high school and the mall again.

So each person tells their friends that there is an organization that is committed to doing something for our children and our world. Pretty soon they are having meetings, parties and telling everyone of this organization called UAMI:


And it grows and it grows and pretty soon each person has one million people under them until the whole country is in tune with what UAMI is doing.

To make a donation you simply go to: and the BIG PURPLE BUTTON is the one time donation of any amount button. The other buttons are for recurring donations.

So you make either a ONE TIME DONATION or a RECURRING DONATION. The difference is I don't ask you for PERSONAL information that you don't want to give and you can remain anonymous if you so desire.

If you have a business, website, organization or anything you wish to advertise AND make a donation of 100 dollars or more I will post your information and either make a link back to you or post your address, phone or WHATEVER you want people to see. It's the CHEAPEST ADVERTISING you'll get this year and it makes GOOD business sense.

Please help spread the word and make a donation to the United Arts Movement International helping us reach every troubled and at risk child and save our kids; save our planet; save our future.

Peace and Love

Jorge Arguello
Founder and Director

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