Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Shift is NOW and Through Our Children We...


NO MORE WAR! PEACE ON EARTH is the battle cry of this group and UAMI's. Everybody here wishes to, wants to or will do something about it. Before I tell you what I'm personally doing, although many of you reading this are friends and already know, watch this video as it addresses the subject of peace on earth and the responsibility we have to make it so.


As you know I created a non profit called United Arts Movement International, which is all about helping our young people express their emotions in a positive way and by using the language of art. We continually make this happen but I need your help and I'll tell you how in a moment.

Since art was removed from our school systems as part of the curriculum 27 or so years ago, simultaneously suicides, violence and depression amongst our teens rose dramatically and in the case of suicides, three times as much than before. I don't see this as a coincidence; they don't exist. No my friends, this is a direct result of that action.

Our decision becomes clear and the question then is "How can I effect change or help an organization that is already doing something so, in effect, I am too?" We can ALL do something as individuals and individually and by changing something negative within yourself, you effect that change.

I need you now, more than ever . . .

I need your help my friends. I need you to make a donation to United Arts movement International to help me with this cause. Your donation will directly impact our young people's lives by teaching them the skills they need to express emotions in a manner that is positive; by showing them the skills to manifest positive outcomes to negative conditions and/or feelings they experience daily.

My mission is to teach them this so to stem the tide of incidents like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Illinois and the Utah massacres that happen daily but is swept under the carpet sending the message that we just don't care. I know that is not true and YOU know it isn't true.

We are in the midst of dramatic changes and our young people need the life skills to turn the tide of the violence, depression and suicides they have endured for too long, and therefore we have too, slowing down the process of peace worldwide.

You saw the video and you see what many are doing now to raise the peace vibration. This has been my mission and my life to help us in that direction. But I need your help and you can do this by sending a CHECK or MONEY ORDER donation to:

1550 Barbara Rd. Suite 200
Redding, CA 96003

For donations of $100 or more we'll send you a receipt so your donation becomes tax deductible. Consult with your tax advisor for more details.

DO NOT send cash and right now the PAY-PAL buttons that are on my website are having some problems associated with it which we are working on to fix. Once corrected it'll be easier for you to make these donations to United Arts Movement International. We'll let you know when they are resolved . . .

Together we can effect change faster and bringing about the peace we wish for our planet; for our youth and for ourselves. I thank you and our future thanks you.

Peace and Love
Jorge Arguello

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